Somanautic Adventures

Tomorrow I embark on my first cadaver lab, i.e. dissection workshop, with the amazing Gil Hedley. Gil is famous for his “Fuzz Speech” which I have added below. However, that’s the least of his contributions to anatomy. He has really changed the way the modern people look at and understand the inner workings of the human body especially regarding fasciae–that inner layer of tissues that people at one time merely dismissed and discarded.

I am super honored to be working with him and am already contemplating doing this workshop again in the future.

On the downside, I decided to take the train up here and stay in a dorm at tufts. This may have been a bad decision. It took me forever to get here today. Amtrak delays for over 3 hours and a walk from the T of about a mile UPHILL! This is a true dorm room which will make me feel ilke monk.

Speaking of Monks. I read Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield.

“We’re all nothing without the Muse. But the pro has learned that the goddess prizes labor and dedication beyond any theatrical seeking of her favors. The professional does not wait for inspiration; he acts in anticipation of it.”

“The sword master stepping onto the fighting floor knows he will be facing powerful opponents. Not the physical adversaries whom he will fight (though those indeed serve as stand-ins for the enemy). The real enemy is inside himself.”

Stuff to meditate on while I’m in my cubicle. I need to form a sankalpah to get me through this experience.

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