Day 20 – Put Your Balls On The Table.

It’s Friday and time to put your balls on the table. People always complain that they don’t have time to do mobility work. That’s ridiculous. You can roll out right at your desk at work or on the kitchen counter. It doesn’t take any extra time in your day to give yourself some relief.

Take a pair of Yoga Tune Up® balls in their tote and place it on your table. Place one forearm on top of the balls and apply extra pressure with the other forearm resting on top so your arms are crossed. Work each forearm for several minutes. Enjoy the good feelings.

The rules for the Ball Fucking Harder Challenge are easy. First, I recommend getting some Yoga Tune Up® balls to roll on. All you have to do is post a pic or video of yourself doing the technique and tag me (@coachpanda). Use the hashtags #ballfuckingharder #30daypandachallenge #supplepandas #pandiculation. The challenge is even better when you share it with friends so tag your friends to play along.

Day 20 of 30. Put Your Balls On The Table. from Force Distance Time on Vimeo.

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