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Here We Go Again

‘Tis the season for starting a new diet. I am sure most of the people reading this are considering a paleo, zone, Whole30, flexitarian or other challenge come 2015. I fully support you and so do my friends. Maybe you have done it before. Maybe you are jaded by the less-than-stellar results of previous New Year’s resolutions. Have no fear. The new year is teeming with possibility. There are so many people in your corner willing to help you. Me for instance…and my friends.

CrossFit Solace is hosting a paleo challenge. The only thing better than being a better you in the new year is to be a better you with better friends. I love doing challenges with a community of like-minded peers that help each other succeed.

CrossFit NYC is doing the Whole 30. My friends Dallas and Melissa Hartwig’s Whole 30 website is the best online resource for people going paleo. If you have a question, they have an answer.

CrossFit has always encouraged people to eat meat, vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. And to keep intake to levels that support exercise but not bodyfat. CrossFit has always leaned on the Zone diet for precision and accuracy in feeding the machine. I always encourage everyone to try the Zone diet for 30 days. It will give you a tremendous insight into proper portions and control over what and how much you eat.

If you are like me, finding time to cook can be impossible. My friends at Kettlebell Kitchen are always on call with great meals prepped and ready to go. I highly recommend utilizing them for for stocking your fridge with ready to eat meals.

When I need to cry from lack of sugar, I know I need someone to talk me off the ledge. That person is Liz Barnet, a friend and a nutrition coach that is ready to coach the coach through the hard times that inevitably arise when you give up sugar and booze. Get her in your corner to help you meet your goals this year.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” –Hippocrates

Forearm Blast: Part 4

Grip strength is important to health and fitness and if the tissues in your forearms are knotted up, then it will impact the ability of those muscles to fire properly. I have been doing Ido Portal’s 7 Minute Hang Challenge and it’s been kicking my butt. Without these Yoga Tune Up® therapy ball exercises, I would not be able to function.

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Forearm Blast: Part 4 from Force Distance Time on Vimeo.

Forearm Blast: Part 3

The small joints of the body can take some of the most abuse in our training. If you are spending time lifting overhead or walking on your hands, then your wrists and forearms can get overused and abused. Make sure you do some of these simple strengthening exercises for your wrists to keep them strong.

Go to Forearm Blast: Part 2 for some good warmup stretches for the wrists. Then check out Forearm Blast for some more great wrist exercises.

Forearm Blast: Part 3 from Force Distance Time on Vimeo.

Forearm Blast: Part 2

I have been doing the Ido Portal 7 Minute Hang Challenge. It is a great way to strengthen the connective tissues in your shoulders, develop a stronger grip and more supple shoulders. The downside to this focused work is that my hands and forearms are getting smoked. So I have gone back into the archives to find some ways to take care of my wrists and forearms. Here are a few wrist stretches that you can do to warm up or cool down. Try to do 10 reps of each moving slowly and holding the deepest part of the stretch for 2 to 3 seconds.

Be sure to check out these great forearm exercises too.

Forearm Blast: Part 2 from Force Distance Time on Vimeo.

The CrossFit Defense Course

When I told people that I was going to take the CrossFit Defense seminar, I got a lot of weird looks and questions like, “What are we going to do an AMRAP of eye gouges and groin kicks?” I can understand their confusion. CrossFit is, after all, the sport of fitness and we are about working out and getting in sick shape. How does a self defense course fit that profile?

If you know Greg Glassman and what he believes about fitness, you would know that CrossFit was designed make people generally physically prepared for the unknown and the unknowable. CrossFit should prepare you to live a long and healthy life outside the gym. If you understand that, then you can see that there is no greater threat to your life, liberty and pursuit of happiness than a violent attack. Ergo there is no greater need for physical fitness than when you are faced with such a threat. Tony Blauer understands that and he has been training military, law enforcement and civilians in self defense for 35 years. He has also been crossfitting for almost a decade. He blends the two worlds seamlessly.

What is the most surprising and refreshing about the CrossFit Defense course is that it builds off of something else that Coach Glassman said, “The greatest adaptation to CrossFit is between the ears.” The CrossFit Defense course focuses on training your mind. Blauer teaches you to recognize and understand fear, to read the signs before something goes wrong, to de-fuse a situation, to act before it’s too late, to get out of harms way and, as a last resort, to use your fitness to defend yourself.

Blauer says this, “Self defense is the most important skill you hope you never have to use.” I agree. I feel better prepared after taking this seminar in my ability to avoid dangerous confrontations and get out of harms way and more confident should I need to use my fitness to defend myself or my loved ones. It is like having your First Aid or CPR certification: you need it and are glad you have it, but never want to use it. I cannot recommend it enough.

Sign up to take the course at CrossFit.com
Learn more about Tony Blauer at Blauertactical.com

CrossFit Defense Seminar, June 28 & 29, 2014 at CrossFit Mayhem

CrossFit Defense Seminar, June 28 & 29, 2014 at CrossFit Mayhem

Foot Fix

Have you been on your feet all day? Have you been running, doing box jumps and double unders? Do you have plantar fasciitis? Do your feet just plain hurt? It turns out that we hold a lot of tension in our feet.  We stand on them all day and we keep them bound up in socks and shoes which restrict their natural movement.  Restoring movement in the foot and massaging the plantar fascia can relieve pain and increase range of motion upstream in the ankles, knees and hips.

Kick off your shoes and socks and let’s roll it out. All you need is a Yoga Tune Up® ball and some bare feet. You can do this standing up or sitting down. Any time. Any where. Five minutes a day can make a huge difference.

Some tips:

  • Lean on a wall or table for support and balance.
  • If you are sitting down, use your other foot to add more weight and pressure to the foot you are rolling.
  • Back off on the pressure if it hurts.
  • Spend at least 2 minutes on each foot.
  • Check in with a forward bend before and after to see if your range of motion increases. It’s okay if there is no change, you will still have received a benefit.

Foot Fix with YTU Balls from Force Distance Time on Vimeo.