About FDT

Force Distance Time is a blog about improving your posture, managing your pain and maximizing your performance.  It is about living better through moving better.  FDT explores learning, teaching and coaching of movement.  The framework for this work is based on CrossFit®, Coach Greg Glassman, Yoga Tune Up®, Jill Miller, MobilityWod, Kelly Starrett, the many other teachers I have studied with and, finally, my own strange thoughts.

Keith Wittenstein a/k/a “Coach Panda” has a way of infusing humor into his detailed and intelligent teaching of anatomy and mobility techniques. Keith is a Yoga Tune Up® teacher committed to having people move better and live pain free lives. He is a CrossFit® Level 4 Coach and a veteran member of the CrossFit Level 1 Seminar Staff. He leads CrossFit Specialty Seminars on Kettlebells, Gymnastics and Olympic Weightlifting. Prior to teaching CrossFit, Keith taught vinyasa yoga for many years throughout New York City.

“The magic is in the movements.” Coach Greg Glassman