Reading The Signs

I believe we all have those days when we say, “Fuck it! It’s disgusting outside, it’s a crappy day, I deserve to sit on the couch and eat pizza and ice cream.”  Once in a while, we need to cut loose and it’s good for our overall mental health to do so. However, I do notice a disturbing trend and that is, I look for those signs and I find them everywhere…all the time.

I find myself thinking those thoughts every time it rains or snows or gets cold or is Friday. The frequency with which that little voice in my head says, “Hey, cut loose and  have a good time” increases with each conceit.

How can we tell the difference between when it is a necessary step to keep ourselves sane and when it is a loss to the insidious power of resistance?  How do we know when we are reading the signs correctly?  Is the Universe telling us to relax and take it easy or is it testing our resolve?

I know how easy it is to succumb, to throw in the towel, to say, “just this one time.” I also know the feeling of satisfaction that comes from meeting your goals and staying the course.  Resistance hates momentum.  Build up some steam, keep making the better choice, keep fighting resistance and soon your momentum will carry you forward.  Read the signs: yellow means go faster!

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