Do It Tomorrow

Do It Tomorrow is a good book on time management by Mark Forster.  I read it years ago on the recommendation of a friend.  Unfortunately, I found it quite difficult to implement in my life.  The premise is simple: make a list of the most important things you are going to do tomorrow before you go to bed. Wake up, look at the list and get cracking!  This gives you the benefit of thinking through the most important things while you are calm and helps you create a map for the next day that you can follow in the event that you get bombarded and distracted by life.  It also allows you to sleep on it which can help your mind start working to solve big problems while you sleep.

Since starting “Flexible Dieting” or “Counting Macros,” I have found that the habit of choosing my meals for the next day the night before to be an enormous help.  I input all my meals and snacks for the next day and move things around so that I be sure to hit my numbers.  Sometimes I start with something delicious that I know I want to eat and then see what is left and start to fill it in.  Sometimes it’s merely copying and pasting todays food log to tomorrow’s log.  Then whenever I get a little hungry, I look at my app on my phone and it tells me what I should eat.

What this does is allow me to save one of my most valuable resources: self restraint.  If I wait until I get a craving or starting thinking about pizza and then look in the refrigerator, I most assuredly will not see anything I want to eat and then go to seamless and order something.  If I look at what is on my menu for the day, I merely have to go and get it and heat it up.  Ultimately, I still have veto power and sometimes go off menu, but having a plan going into each day is great help and I know, from past experiences, that doing it this way leads to much better compliance and results.

Tonight, before you go to bed, plan to make tomorrow the best day.

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