The Things You Own End Up Owning You.

Take a look around and notice how much stuff you acquired.  How much of it do you really need?  I know I have acquired a lot more stuff than I need.  I still look for more, but I know more stuff will not fill the void.  The void is only filled by doing things, not getting things.  It’s like Tyler Durden said in Fight Club, “The things you own end up owning you.”

I was listening to a great podcast and they talked about sandbag training.  I have trained with sandbags before and they are unforgiving and potent.  I started looking around the internet for sandbags.  Then I thought to myself, will this fill the void in my life?  Will this make my training better?  Perhaps.  However, what I really need to do is stick with the program I am on now and not get distracted and diverted by a new toy.  Sure the sandbag is one of the most cost effective training tools pound for pound and I could do a lot of stuff with it that I cannot do with a barbell.  However, I will wait to get one until I have a more compelling reason.

“It is preoccupations with possessions, more than anything else, that prevents us from living freely and nobly.” — Bertrand Russell

I am currently doing a gymnastic program that requires 3 to 5 days a week of serious commitment. I have always had a hard time following a strict program. Which is why I gravitate towards CrossFit’s varied programming.  It’s always something new and different and I never get bored.  However, I have more specific goals with respect to gymnastics now and therefore need a specific progressive program to reach those goals.  Distractions are constantly rearing their head to try to get me to fall off the program.  That is what happens whenever you have a goal or a project: your fear and resistance will come up with excuses for you not to live up to your potential.  The more important something is the more fear you have around it.  The more fear you have, the more your mind will want to wander off target and create very compelling reasons for you to give up.

Learn to spot these distractions and do not let yourself get pulled off target.  You have big things to do and great things to achieve.  Stay the course.

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