Day 27 – The Splits

The splits are the most iconic test of flexibility. We would be remiss if we did not endeavor to work on our splits this month. I love this setup from Kelly Starrett using the band to decrease the load and to keep our torso upright. Hook a heavy band to the pullup bar and loop it under your armpits. I suggest wearing a sweatshirt because the band can be rather uncomfortable. I also use an abmat under the knee because we are going to be here for a couple of minutes. Extend one leg forward and one leg backward, but try to keep the hips as neutral as possible. Sit tall and take deep breaths. After doing both sides, move to the symmetrical middle splits. I use the J-hooks to help support myself here in addition to the band. The splits are really intense so enjoy them.

The Splits from Force Distance Time on Vimeo.

Here are the rules for the 30-Day Stretch Fucking Harder Challenge. Each day do the deep stretch, post it on Instagram and tag some friends to do it with you. Post your stretch with the tags: #stretchfuckingharder #supplepandas #30daypandachallenge Tag me @coachpanda. Come back here to my website or vimeo channel to see more details on each stretch and modifications and scaling options. Try to stay in each stretch for at least 2 minutes per stretch per side. Remember to breathe slowly and deeply and start gradually and move deeper over time. Back off if it hurts.

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