Day 9 – The Trapezius Tamer

This is a classic Yoga Tune Up® exercise from my teacher Jill Miller. It’s simple and effective. This move will turn your day around. Use a pair of classic Yoga Tune Up balls and place them behind your trapezius muscles as you lie down on your back. Bridge your hips up and chill. You just want to stay here and create some sustained compression as you breathe deeply. Time and pressure are the agents of change. Less is more when it comes to this move. If you want to increase the intensity, lift your arms overhead. You can try some gentle rocking side to side or turning the head slowly. If the intensity is too much stand up and do this move against the wall.

Check your overhead position before and after and you should see a great improvement. Also look at yourself in the mirror before and after and you might even notice that your shoulders are hanging lower.

The rules for the Ball Fucking Harder Challenge are easy. First, I recommend getting some Yoga Tune Up® balls to roll on. All you have to do is post a pic or video of yourself doing the technique and tag me (@coachpanda). Use the hashtags #ballfuckingharder #30daypandachallenge #supplepandas #pandiculation. The challenge is even better when you share it with friends so tag your friends to play along.

Day 9 of 30. The Trapezius Tamer from Force Distance Time on Vimeo.

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