Day 17 – The Vulcan Death Grip

Tight neck muscles are the bane of my existence. My forward head position pulls everything else out of alignment. Every inch my head sits forward of my spine puts extra pounds of pressure on my neck. “The Vulcan Death Grip” is one of my go-to moves to relieve neck stress. I place a Yoga Tune Up® classic ball in the “Bermuda Triangle,” the space bordered by my neck, clavicle and trapezius. I bend over and press the ball into a wall at about the height of my bellybutton. I perform slow deliberate movements with my head to stretch the muscles over the ball. This is a great release for the scalenes, the trapezius as well as the first rib.

Check in and check out with your overhead position. If, like me, you have a forward head position, lie on your back, bend your knees and place your feet on the floor. Relax and let your shoulders and head rest. Notice where your head position is when you are on your back like this. I started noticing that my head cranks back like Pez dispenser when I lie on my back and I end up looking at the wall beyond my head. This is because of my forward position and bad posture. When I release my thoracic spine, neck and/or shoulders my head sits neutral and my gaze is at the ceiling right above me as it should be.

The rules for the Ball Fucking Harder Challenge are easy. First, I recommend getting some Yoga Tune Up® balls to roll on. All you have to do is post a pic or video of yourself doing the technique and tag me (@coachpanda). Use the hashtags #ballfuckingharder #30daypandachallenge #supplepandas #pandiculation. The challenge is even better when you share it with friends so tag your friends to play along.

Day 17 of 30. The Vulcan Death Grip. from Force Distance Time on Vimeo.

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