It is clear from the recent presidential election that the Country is in terrible shape. The media is running wild. People are up in arms about the state of our Country. It is important, not just in times like these, to sequester yourself every day. Hide away not because you cannot handle what is going on in the World. You most certainly can handle it. Hide away because you need a place to recharge your battery and grow stronger. You need your own Bat Cave.

Surround yourself with family, friend and loved ones or just be by yourself a little bit every day. Take some time to reflect on what you love, take care of your needs, do things that strengthen, empower and fortify you so you can go out and confront the World and all the people that seek to lead you off your path. The media, social and otherwise, will inundate you from the moment you wake until the moment you sleep unless you actively seek to get away from it.

Sometimes I practice sequestering by listening to or watching things that have a positive message. Other times I simply do it by taking a nap, playing guitar, playing with my son or meditating. In any of these activities I am free from the negativity of the outside world and working to make myself a little better.

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