Invincible Ignorance

One of the reasons I write this blog is because sometimes I need to say things that I can’t say on regular social media. You know what I’m talking about. I post something about the world being round and some yahoo comments about how the Earth is flat. Then your Facebook wall explodes into a circus of people going back and forth. It’s ridiculous. I write my opinions here, right or wrong, so I can avoid the back and forth. I’m not trying to live in a bubble. I appreciate many different view points. However, sometimes I need a place to vent without comment.

Specifically, the types of comments I seek to avoid come from those people with invincible ignorance. Invincible ignorance, like Coach Greg Glassman, says in this video is the type of ignorance that comes from people unwilling to consider an alternate opinion. If you asked me, I would tell you the Earth is round. However, if you asked me what proof I would need to change my mind, I could come up with a short list of things that would convince me otherwise. I am not unwilling to concede the point when faced with sufficient proof. However, there are many people that would be unwilling to proffer a list of things that would convince them that their position is wrong.

Think about that. Some people when asked what could convince them to change their opinion cannot come up with an answer. That is a signal that they are more entrenched in their position than they are rational. If you hold your opinions so dear that you cannot be convinced otherwise, you have an invincible ignorance.

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