What The Internet Taught Me About Fitness

We all need a place to bitch about things. That’s one reason I need this blog. This is not a feel good post, but I hope it makes you laugh or at least nod your head in agreement. Here’s a list of some stuff that I have learned from watching thousands of posts on Instagram about fitness in last three weeks. 

  • It is far easier to workout than eat right.  
  • People generally suck at crossfit programming. 
  • Bodybuilding type workouts and exercises are far harder to replicate at home without machines than functional and compound movements.
  • People move poorly.
  • Range of motion is a theoretically concept that is largely misunderstood or misapplied in the real world. 
  • People have too much time on their hands. 
  • Everyone is suddenly an online yoga teacher. 
  • Suddenly everyone that was gluten intolerant can eat sourdough bread. 
  • Pushup challenges are stupid.
  • All fitness challenges are stupid.
  • Everyone that said they didn’t have the time to workout are still remarkably busy.  

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