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Day 15 – The Dip Stretch

Face it your chest and shoulders are tight and that means you need this stretch.  I call this the Dip Stretch because it puts your shoulder in the same position as a deep dip: shoulder extension, internal rotation and elbow flexion.  I used to do this with straight arms but this bent arm version takes the slack out of your shoulder and delivers a way more intense stretch.

The focus of this stretch is the chest and shoulder that’s on the ground. Don’t get too worked up over the top arm. I’m grabbing my foot to multitask and get a little quad/hip flexor stretch, but don’t feel like you need to do more than just breathe and lean back into the stretch.

Don’t be alarmed by the large kettlebell.  I just use it as a spacer.  If you don’t use a spacer, your arm will naturally pull itself closer to your body and you won’t get the stretch you deserve.  Try to find something to put in there to keep your arm perpendicular to your body.  If it’s super tight you can lower the arm slightly or just not turn as deeply into the stretch.  Also notice I have a rolled up sweatshirt as a pillow.  You’re going to be here for a couple of minutes so get comfortable.

Day 15 of 30. The Dip Stretch. from Force Distance Time on Vimeo.

Here are the rules for the 30-Day Stretch Fucking Harder Challenge. Each day do the deep stretch, post it on Instagram and tag some friends to do it with you. Post your stretch with the tags: #stretchfuckingharder #supplepandas #30daypandachallenge Tag me @coachpanda. Come back here to my website or vimeo channel to see more details on each stretch and modifications and scaling options. Try to stay in each stretch for at least 2 minutes per stretch per side. Remember to breathe slowly and deeply and start gradually and move deeper over time. Back off if it hurts.