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Keep Moving Forward

Right now all I want to do is pull up the covers and watch movies. I want to ignore the looming sense of doom I have regarding the fate of the Bill of Rights and the possible reversal of years of progress we made in this country with respect to civil rights and civil liberties. I want to go on social media and unfriend a lot of people and write ridiculously long posts blaming various people and groups.

Instead, what I am doing is choosing to move forward. I have created a good life for myself and my family and I have to keep living it because that is where I gain strength. I am of service to other people and that brings me joy and fulfillment and I cannot be of service to others if I do not have my own life in order. I don’t know how this election will affect me yet, but I am resolved to navigate the next 4 years with grace and poise.

Additionally, I am greatly saddened by the evil, venomous things that people are saying with regards to this current situation. We have come a long way as a country, yet we have just set the clock back. I fear having to fight the battles of racism, religious freedom, gender equality, homosexual rights and civil liberties all over again.

Our democracy and our constitution guaranties all of us certain freedoms. I respect the country’s choice and the democracy. I just hope we didn’t sell our soul as a nation. My friend wrote a post that this is what it must have felt like when Palpatine was elected to Supreme Chancellor. It is hilarious and nerdy but also entirely true. In history we have seen dictators rise to power through legitimate means and then overstep their bounds. Please don’t let this be such a situation.

History has taught us that when fear dominates the culture, people turn on each other. History has also shown that love is stronger. I choose to love.