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A Case Of The Mondays

Most people view Mondays as an ordeal.  It’s “Here we go again!” another week of work and getting back to the grind.  I understand that, in fact, I often still feel like that. It’s normal to have negative emotions, but before I let the negative emotions take hold, I try to shift my mindset.

I take a moment to be grateful for all the good things that happened over the weekend.  Then I take another moment to think of all the exciting things I have in store for the day and the week.  Yes, it’s raining and cold.  Yes, I’m tired and cranky.  Yes, I am going to stop eating crap.  Yes, I am going to work out.  Yes, I’m going use Monday to my advantage.  Yes, I get to play with my son and cook for him and feed him.  Yes, I get to coach people and try to make their lives a little better.  When you start looking for positive things, you find more positive things.  All it takes is that shift in mindset.

Take some time today and look for some good things about Monday.