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When It Finally Happens

So after many, many,…. many years of CrossFit I finally got a bar muscle up.  It was long overdue.  This weekend the CrossFit Open Workout 16.3 is 10 snatches and 3 bar muscle ups.  It was time to step up to the plate and swing for the fences.

To be honest, I really haven’t really tried very hard to do a bar muscle up.  I’ve done jumping bar muscles ups and banded bar muscle ups in workouts, but usually just avoided them a lot.  That being said, I have been working really hard on all the elements of a bar muscle up.  I do a lot of work on my gymnastics swing and my transitions and deep pullups and dips.  Today was the day I put all the pieces together.

Here are the things that conspired today to make me successful:

  • I have been doing the preparation: hammering positions and the basic fundamentals.
  • I had a bunch of supportive people around me cheering me on.
  • I had good coaching that helped me get closer and closer with each attempt.
  • There was an urgency because I needed to get them this weekend in the Open.
  • I tried…Hard.

I can’t stress how important each of these elements are to success.  Do you prepare? Do you surround yourself with supportive people?  Do you have a coach that can be objective and point you in the right direction?  Do you have a sense of urgency?  Are you trying hard?

I should probably state before all of this comes the belief in yourself.  Without a belief in yourself, nothing is possible.  Stack the deck in your favor and set yourself up for success.