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The Curse of Corduroy Pillows

Have you heard about the new corduroy pillows? They’re making headlines!

Get it?

Terrible joke, but it got me thinking. What are we doing to ourselves and our bodies every day? Have you ever taken off your socks and underwear to find that they have left a mark on your skin. The ghost of their elastic bands tattoo themselves on your skin. Since it is something we witness every day, it is easy to dismiss and leave relatively unnoticed. However, it is those little things done every day that add up into net gains or losses. For example, the concept of tissue creep looks at degradation and deformation of our soft tissues and bones over time.

Is it possible that the little bits of elastic around our wastes and calves change the quality of the underlying tissues over time? As I write this in the nude, I am taking note of the fact that I just showered 45 minutes ago and the imprint of my waistband is still showing on my skin despite my attempts to loofah it away. I am not one to overstate the significance of such things, but I am curious as to how much significance these lines hold. I would guess that the health of the tissues underlying spots on my body that are constantly constricted and confined is compromised compared to the health of the tissues that are unencumbered.

How do we undue any potential harm from constrictive clothing? First thing is to walk barefoot more often. Numerous people tout the benefits of spending more time barefoot and caution against the harm of restrictive footwear. Likewise, I think it prudent to parade around your home naked on a regular basis. Free from the confining elastic, belts, drawstrings and buttons of modern clothing we should allow things to be as they were meant to be. I am not advocating full-on nudism, but rather a healthy and private dose of it as often as your living arrangement allows. I think developing a healthy relationship with our bodies starts with a good look at them. Finally, move that body. Get those tissues moving and undo any creep that is setting in on immobile and stagnant tissues. Self massage with some Yoga Tune UpĀ® balls is a great way to bring some healing hydration and blood flow and movement into those areas that are constantly constricted.