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If something is out of place put it in the right place.

Thursday 20130711

Started off with the idea to do a Grace/Cindy Mash-Up (a/k/a “Grindy”). Warming up I realized my left shoulder was feeling terrible and it was hard to put anything over my head. I thought maybe it would get better as I worked out. IT DID NOT! See the video. Bombed out after 3 rounds of 1 C&J @ 155 and 1 round of “Cindy”.

I can see how much pain I’m in and how slow I’m moving.

I was thinking maybe my humerus was out of the socked so I did some floor presses with the 155lb bar and just held the bar up. I could feel my arm out of the socket slowly sinking back in. After a few reps of that my shoulder felt a hundred times better. Rested and then did:

“Vomit Comet”
10 rounds for time of:
10 KB Swings, 32kg
10 Burpees

13:57 0:39 slower than last time on New Year’s Eve. What the fuck is wrong with me? Why can’t I PR anything? I’m so fucking out of shape.

Glad I worked out at least.