Our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.

Consider what you have created for yourself: your job, your family, your home. Consider what you would do to protect it. Consider what it is like to want Freedom so bad that you would go to war for it; that you would stand up and declare before all, that you are willing to pledge all you had for Freedom.

Every year I make a plea that you should read the Declaration of Independence. There are few documents in history as powerful and thought provoking. While destiny may govern the unpredictable occurrences that flavor our lives, ultimately our lives are a product of our own creation. We can choose how and with whom we spend our lives and are limited only by our willingness to sacrifice what we have for what we could have.

Take the time once a year to read the Declaration of Independence and reflect upon all you have and all you could have if you are bold enough to declare yourself free and act on it.

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