Get Organized!

I have been really into Jill Miller’s Yoga Tune Up lately.   Jill teaches what one could describe as “forensic yoga.”  She looks at a classical yoga pose and then disects it.  She determines which muscles need to work and which need to mobilized.  Then sets out a methodical practice of strengthening and mobilizing and preparing the body for the pose.  It’s an amazing practice and creates a much deeper understanding and embodying of the pose.

Jill’s methodology is similar to Kelly Starrett’s Mobility WOD. In many ways one could describe Mobility WOD as forensic bodywork. The mobility WOD uses exercises found in CrossFit for it’s starting point instead of yoga poses. So K-Starr looks at a squat or a press and disects these movements and provides a plan for achieving better positions for greater efficiency and safety in the exercises.

The great thing about both these programs is that they offer a plan: an organizational scheme. As teachers they know where they want their students to go and formulate a plan for getting the student there. Also they both think outside of box. Often practitioners of a certain modality limit themselves within that modality and don’t look at other useful techniques. However, both Jill and Kelly are quick to use whatever methods are at their disposal to get the job done: rubber bands, therapy balls, kettlebells. The ends justify the means.

Assuming there is another level, what is it? And how do I get there?

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