Programming mobility

As always I’m thinking of ways to put this into the mix. So much to do. Also been thinking A LOT about how to program for the gym and the competitors going forward.

He says when programming for a group:
1) Make it context specific. The context grids I gave my coaches is what this is about. Relate the movement to the task at hand and things that the athletes care about, e.g. PERFORMANCE.
2) Everyday. No days off. Always be mobilizing.
3) 10-15 minute session everyday.
4) No more than 3 things. People can’t process more than that usually.
5) 2 minutes minimum to make change.

Individualize and prioritize. Most athletes have at least 1 thing they need to do every day: their real trouble spots. Make sure they know what that is and get them to do it every day. They probably have more than one thing in reality so on rest days, they should be hitting their personal trouble spots (10-15 minutes minimum). On workout days, they need to prioritize their one main thing and then do a couple of WOD-specific pieces that everyone is doing for the workout.

Now I have to figure out how to implement this in classes and in the CWOD.

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