Repetition and Familiarity

Two things I try to remind myself of are some things that I learned at the CrossFit Kids Cert: 1) make it fun and 2) you have years. Don’t be in a rush to get kids somewhere. Just make sure they keep having fun and coming back and eventually they will get there. Why is it so hard for me to remember this about adults as well?

Calm down and teach and eventually people will get it: some quicker than others. It doesn’t have to be today. Be patient and enjoy the process of teaching and make things fun for people and they will keep coming back and eventually they will get it. Something in me is in a rush for people to get it. It doesn’t have to be like that.

Learning involves repetition and intensity involves confidence and familiarity. If people can be encouraged to do a lot of good repetitions they will get better. If they do a lot of good repetitions they will be more familiar with the movements and more confident and will try harder. The main thing is that they need time. People have to come in day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year. The only way this will happen is if it fun for them. More time in the game makes people better more than any other single factor. My job is to keep people in the game as long as possible. Make it fun. Make it safe. Make it challenging enough so they never get bored.

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