Ready, Fire, Aim!

The concept of “Ready, Fire, Aim” is simple, you have to act first, see how far off target you are, and then make proper adjustments.  This is how real life works.  In real life we are not snipers.  We do not abide by “One Shot, One Kill.”  In life we can’t plan and plan and plan and then just execute once and be perfect.  Our lives are lived paddling a boat in a storm.  Life is constantly conspiring to push us off course and our job is to keep redirecting and steering ourselves back toward the lighthouse.

I started counting my macros last week.  I executed the plan to a “T” all week.  Every day I was supposed to hit my goal of 185g of protein, 204g of carbohydrates, and 53g of fat.  I was within 2 or 3 g of my goal every day.  You know what happened.  I started losing weight for a few days and then it stopped and went back up.  That’s not how it’s supposed to work.  Week 1 was a failure. If I had a “one shot, one kill” mindset, I would say, “This shit didn’t work. It’s not for me.  Counting macros sucks. I quit.”  However, I embrace the mindset of “ready, fire, aim” and think, “Something is not right, I have to recalculate my macros and try again.”

If every time you eat a slice of pizza, you think to yourself, “My diet is ruined, I might as well eat the whole pie.”  You will surely never hit your target.  If you instead say to yourself, “That slice threw me off course, what do I have to do to get back on course.”  You will be able to achieve your goals and enjoy a slice or two along the way.


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