Mental Nutrition

Feed your brain with nutritious thoughts.  In the same way you feed your stomach with nutritious foods, you should feed your brain with good, wholesome thoughts.  Little reminders of beauty, such as a lovely picture or a sweet song, or motivating phrases written on your bathroom mirror will help you maintain a positive outlook throughout the day.

A picture of my son on my phone’s lock screen cheers me up and reminds me to be the best version of myself for him.  Listening to a motivational audiobook while I drive helps get me excited for work.  Even just remembering to smile during a workout can make all the difference.  All these triggers help me stay focused and positive.

The most important time to feed your brain is right when you wake up. Start your day with something positive. Try to set your favorite song as your alarm.   Put a picture or vision board next to your bed so it’s the first thing you see when you wake up.  Before you jump out of bed, close your eyes and take a moment to be grateful for someone or something.  Think of two or three things that you will do that will make the day a total success. It’s like tuning your instrument before you go on stage.  Make sure your brain is focused on the good things in your life and your goals.

The next best time to feed your brain is right before you go to sleep.  Create a ritual at night that allows you to reflect on the best parts of your day and reminds you of the great things you will do when you wake up.  Your brain uses your sleep time to assimilate and make sense of things and solve problems.  So if you plant a good seed right before bed, it’ll grow overnight.

Your brain is going to get hungry and tired throughout the day as well so take a moment every day to quiet down, take a few breaths and give yourself a positive self-talk.  Just remind yourself that you are doing your best and trying your hardest.

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