Day 19 – The Impaler

The psoas is a strong hip flexor that connects your lumbar spine to your femur. If you sit for a long time it gets short. If it gets short it creates back problems, breathing problems, hip problems, problems, problems and problems. You should stretch it often. How often? You only have to stretch your psoas on days that you sit down. If you don’t sit down, then you don’t have to bother stretching it that day. However, stretching isn’t enough you need to give it the occasional massage. If you can’t afford to pay someone to massage you once or twice per week, then get a Yoga Tune Up® Alpha ball and do this move regularly.

I call it “The Impaler.” You’ll soon understand why. You find the spot that is 1/3 the distance from your hip bone to your navel. Place the ball there and lie down on top of it. Take the opposite knee and bring it up toward your shoulder. Breathe slowly and deeply. If you’ve been sitting for a long time and your hip flexors are tight, do not rush through this. Spend three to five minutes per side. Catch up on your social media or reading.

Check in and check out by just standing up. You should feel taller after doing this and your lower back should feel some relief.

The rules for the Ball Fucking Harder Challenge are easy. First, I recommend getting some Yoga Tune Up® balls to roll on. All you have to do is post a pic or video of yourself doing the technique and tag me (@coachpanda). Use the hashtags #ballfuckingharder #30daypandachallenge #supplepandas #pandiculation. The challenge is even better when you share it with friends so tag your friends to play along.

Day 19 of 30. The Impaler. from Force Distance Time on Vimeo.

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