Day 26 – The Scap Eraser.

The infraspinatus and teres minor are two of the rotator cuff muscles that attach to the scapula. The rotator cuff is responsible for stabilizing the shoulder. They can get overused and short. Short muscles are weak muscles. We want to massage the rotator cuff muscles regularly to keep them strong and supple.

For this technique you need to find your scapula. Reach across your chest and grab the latissimus dorsi on the opposite side. You should be able to feel the lateral border of the scap. Place a Yoga Tune Up® ball on the back of the lat and slide your shoulder blade on top of the ball. Drop your knees to the same side in order to bias your weight on top of the ball. Once you have the scap on top of the ball breathe and stay still and create some sustained compression. In order to create some movement perform simple movements of the arm to move the scap over the ball. Try abduction and adduction, internal and external rotation, flexion and extension. Spend 3 or 4 minutes on each side. If it’s too intense, try to do the technique standing against the wall or do it in many shorter segments.

The rules for the Ball Fucking Harder Challenge are easy. First, I recommend getting some Yoga Tune Up® balls to roll on. All you have to do is post a pic or video of yourself doing the technique and tag me (@coachpanda). Use the hashtags #ballfuckingharder #30daypandachallenge #supplepandas #pandiculation. The challenge is even better when you share it with friends so tag your friends to play along.

Day 26 of 30. The Scap Eraser. from Force Distance Time on Vimeo.

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