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That Voice

Last night I was exhausted and that voice was saying I should just stay home and rest. I reflected on how much I would regret not going to jiu-jitsu and decided to ignore that voice and go and train.

As I was walking to jiu-jitsu, my pulled hamstring was bothering me and I could feel how sore I was from my morning workout and that voice was telling me to just train really light and not go hard. When I got to the academy the new Tuesday night instructor put us through the toughest class I have ever taken there. We did an extended warmup with running, jumping, crawling and partner calisthenics. We did multiple 3-minute rounds of guard pass drills for reps (i.e. As many reps as possible in 3 minutes!). We trained multiple 5-minute rounds of live rolling. It was non-stop for 90 minutes.

That voice always tries to sell me short. It always tries to get me to do less, be less, to relax, to rest and to stop trying. That voice is like a drug dealer that pretends to be my friend and tells me what I want to hear, but only wants to get me hooked on the easy fix.

Be on guard for that voice. It comes whispering softly to you and tries to get you to let down your guard and rest. Keep working. Keep fighting. Ignore that voice. Recognize the danger that lurks at the end of the siren song.

The best way to silence that voice is to do the work. Take action and that voice loses its power. Once you are in action you recognize that voice for what it is: resistance, doubt and fear.

Tell Them, Show Them, Make Them

“Tell them, show them, make them” is a twist on the old Chinese proverb:
Tell me, I’ll forget
Show me, I’ll remember
Involve me, I’ll understand

My friend Joe Alexander was giving some advice on coaching.  He was saying this in reference to improving people’s movements and cueing them.  Specifically with regards to verbal, visual and tactile cues.  However, the implications go far beyond that. It’s a good thing to keep in mind for ourselves and when working with others.  If you want to make change you have to be involved, you need to feel it and the new action must be assimilated.

How often do you say to yourself, “I should do that” with regards to something that will improve your situation?  Whether it has to do with losing weight or reading more.  More often than not we KNOW we should do something or how to do something.  But knowledge of how to lose weight will not take the pounds off.  Ultimately, what holds us back is taking action: DOING IT.

“Make them” is not as authoritarian or coercive as it sounds, it just means finding a way to get into action.  You can ask, prod or trick them into action and once they start momentum takes over.  The trick is to find a to overcome inertia and start moving and getting others to move towards their goals.